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A frustrating day…..

Los Muertos 2nd June 2017

A frustrating day…..

Decided recently wind generator not working properly - keeps making noise and not putting in power when wind is well up.

Fuse on circuit to one solar panel keeps blowing - can’t see why despite lots of trouble-shooting. Panel is putting out same power as other one- must be a wiring problem…but where? Need to dig deeper in aft cabin.

Looking to replace secondary water-maker pump - not simple and will take quite a time.

My only minimal achievement today was giving 'Nomad' a 40A blade fuse to replace in their engine control panel - theirs was blowing when they went to start engine. Problem turned into a bare wire at alternator from engine wiring harness - now fixed but too late for them to get underway. They lent me a clamp ammeter - turned out that mine was only good for AC, not DC… hadn’t realised until today… Grrr!!!

Wind dying down now - will go for a swim and clean boat some more…. Good news from yesterday was finding long hose I thought I no longer had - so can dive on keel or prop if needed - so long as tank has air enough.

Some boats took off around the Cape this morning - into 15-20kt wind on the nose, one told me - will be very uncomfortable and slow, bashing into wind and waves for the next day or more. They’ve been getting impatient with all the waiting for a weather window. I’m looking at a possibility early on Monday. Time will tell.

Written by : Jeanne Socrates