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Anchored off La Ventana -kite boarding venue -they're foiling!!

Tuesday 30th May 2017

Clear blue sky again for most of the day...

Nice to meet up yesterday with Phil, who was on Sail a Vie . Went in his dinghy to see the place he's buying, close to the beach here - has couple of ancient cacti the size of big trees.

A lot of it was made using local stone and bamboo, as well as the inevitable concrete. Quite different from a normal dwelling - all areas are separate modules Good thing it's a desert here with infrequent rain or you'd get wet going from shower to kitchen/lounge to bedroom!

Phil plans to learn to kiteboard and keep up his passion for cycling when here over the winter months.

It got a little windy and rolly this afternoon but wind died down later and it was calm again overnight -a familiar pattern.

Got a couple more jobs done, including renewing the seal around the underside of the cockpit locker lid - an important item.

Probably making for Los Muertos tomorrow but will confirm forecast wind direction first.

Keeping busy checking weather several times a day.... Late Friday might be possible for rounding Cabo San Lucas to head on N to Ensenada but won't know for sure until Wednesday's forecast arrives... COAMPS inshore forecasts are only for three days at a time. Might have to wait longer ...

Written by : Jeanne Socrates