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Approaching Pt Conception

Wednesday 12th July


Dolphins and sealions seen heading towards the channel between Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz Islands.... There must be fish around here!

23 miles to Pt Conception - around 4-5 hrs if present calm sea and light wind continues. But a strengthening W wind is likely soon, although I'm hoping the grey, cool, overcast conditions might give less of a boost to the normal thermal effect - I'll find out soon enough. Forecast is for 10-15kt.

About to transfer fuel from jerry cans into the main tank - having left Oxnard soon after 5 a.m., I couldn't fill up but have plenty of fuel onboard to reach San Francisco motoring all the way, if needs be.

Delighted to receive a friendly response from Icom America - they'll 'expedite' my tuner repair as soon as I can get it to them - which I'm thinking to delay doing until I get to the Pacific NW - soon, hopefully.

Can't seem to contact Superwind US in New York so I wonder what's the situation there. I need to make sure my wind generator is working OK a.s.a.p.

Written by : Jeanne Socrates