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Sealions, cormorants, pelicans, gulls.... as we leave San Pedro

Tuesday 11th July 2017
8.30am - leaving L. A. for Oxnard

Channel marker buoys have their usual complement of sealions lazing on a convenient ledge. Cormorants and small pleasure boats head out to their fishing grounds. Flat calm water with no wind and a layer of light fog just lifting as the sun rises higher over the sprawl of Los Angeles and its enormous harbour. It could be a hot day today!

It was nice to see cruiser friends Helen & young Isaiah who came to meet me on landfall last night at Cabrillo Beach, with Walt KM6MQ and Bob WD6AWI close behind. We all went for a meal together after I'd shown them the boat and Walt had taken photos - for the Baja Net website, he said.

Knowing of my present tuner problem, Walt had very kindly brought a spare tuner with him to give me to use with my radio system - "It's a good one. Tunes anything from a few feet to several hundred yards," he told me!

Yesterday, a strong WSW wind got up in the afternoon and the water got quite rough so we were slowed down a lot before landfall. Earlier, we'd made excellent speed for a few hours, beam reaching with full genoa before the wind suddenly veered and headed us.

Time for a relaxed breakfast with delicious fresh raspberries - from a quick trip to Trader Joe's last Sunday from San Diego Y.C. (Many thanks for that, Ron!)

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Written by : Jeanne Socrates