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Back on board Nereida in Mexico

Monday 23 May 2016

After a lengthy two-day journey, involving an overnight stop in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, I got back to Nereida this afternoon.  It's nice to be back after a busy time in Lymington with not much sleep over several days, so much work was needed in preparing to leave.

My Virgin Atlantic first leg from LHR was made very enjoyable when the friendly crew upgraded me  - lovely to stretch out and get a much-needed sleep in between good food and drink!  I was also pleasantly surprised not to be charged excess baggage fees on either of the two legs - the rigging parts I had with me were very heavy, so much so that I took a taxi to and from the airports today after a big struggle with my suitcases yesterday between the airport and my Atlanta hotel.  Had to have Southern fried chicken in Max Lager's Brewery restaurant close by the hotel - Georgia is a Southern state, after all!

As is usual when coming through Customs into Mexico, I had to push a button when passing through Puerto Vallarta airport for a random possible inspection of my luggage - I breathed a sigh of quiet relief when I got a green light, not a red one...

Now I have to prepare the boat to move on - will probably take a few days but I'd like to sail away as soon as possible, now that the hurricane season is almost upon us.


Written by : Jeanne Socrates