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Away .... And back!

Thinking a wallet was missing, delayed my start today... Also an interview with BBC Somerset for Steve Pointon's sail around the UK for Action for Children .. That went well .... Not long to his start on 20th June...  Good luck, Steve!    Got to fuel dock far later in day than intended... Wind got up but suddenly switched off.... Great, I thought, time to go.... Not so great once out of lee of land near marina.... F 4-5 headwinds and swell.... Not good!  Also, main halyard I'd got ready for sailing, was wrapped around backstay top insulator... Grrr!  Decided best to return to marina rather than go anchor off Pta de Mita in hope swell not too bad for a mast climb......  Back in marina... Lovely nap and then to 'La Peska' for last Mexican meal...  Lovely seafood molcajete and (free!) margaritas.  Plan to leave again early tomorrow (Sat) morning, when no wind, for rounding Cabo Corrientes on way S to Acapulco...

Will post position to Winlink as usual and will check in with PacSeaNet on 14300 daily at 0330Z.   Amusingly, I saw my today's track shown via AIS on marinetraffic.com - if you go there, make sure it's the correct 'Nereida' - off Pacific Mexico coast!

More tomorrow....


"Life is precious - make the most of it!"

Written by : Jeanne Socrates