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Off again... away to Cabo Corrientes and on to Acapulco

A beautiful day... Almost no wind, so raised mainsail before leaving dock, to make sure no problems. Checked around on deck and noticed shackle needed on pole uphaul - so sorted that out also. Internet was down, so no chance to check on emails but will use Winlink via my HF radio while I'm under way.

F2 headwind from SW so motored to Cabo Corrientes. Hoping, once around, to be able to sail, so fixed vane of Hydrovane in position in readiness, with rudder already in place.

Big patch of deep red water about 10 ml NE of C. Corrientes - 'red tide'?

Almost no cloud - lovely to have awning in place over cockpit, for shade from bright, hot sun!

11.30pm Checked in with Pacific Seafarers' Net on 14300 at 0315 GMT/10:15 p.m. LT - good to make contact with several familiar voices!

We're sailing almost dead downwind at present, goose-winged, having turned off the motor some hours ago - we'd been motor-sailing up to then in light wind but wind is up nicely now.

Very rolly - good test of how well (or not) things are stowed! Leecloth on port bunk is useful for storing anything loose.

Beautiful starry night - no cloud - Southern Cross in clear view high over horizon to starboard... Sea sparkling with phosphorescence - lovely to see!

Keeping well offshore (~12 mls) to avoid, hopefully, illegal long-line fishing boats - I've been told they're normally 3 mls or so off the coast. Further offshore, 15-30 mls away, it's busy with shipping - so my present position seems about the safest.

0440 GMT position: 19 51N, 105 39W SOG: 6kt, COG: 148T wind: NW 15+ kt

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