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Good wind, then light wind...

10am LT / 1500GMT Sky totally overcast. Passing due W of Tenacatita, about 16 miles off - keeping well offshore to avoid possible long-liners and any other fishing boats.

Still seeing lots of shipping further out - they're usually well out of my way, but AIS alarm just went off- one ship was headed directly for us! BSL 'Limassol' - just left Manzanillo, headed to USA - pleasant guy on VHF 16. Switched channel - He suggested I maintain my course and speed and we'll pass port to port - no problem. Both sent each other good wishes for a safe passage.... Typical mariner radio exchange!! Watching them pass by, I noticed a small turtle in the water, head held up, shell glistening.

Swell has died down a lot - I've some clearing up from rough seas yesterday which threw us about a lot and a galley locker door has come adrift - damaged hinge needs two screws replacing with thicker ones. Having to motor now in light wind after lovely overnight sail in good wind - always nice and peaceful without the engine running.

A small dove has been taking a ride since around dawn - perched in the bow, resting.

Made lots of radio contacts earlier, including a few familiar ones in S. Africa and Australia - always fun to chat to radio friends. Will continue daily contacts as I sail on.

4pm LT / 1900 GMT - teatime! Enough of an onshore breeze kicked in a bit earlier to unfurl genoa and later the staysail helped our speed by another half knot - every little bit helps....! Motor-sailing at 5 - 5.7 kt. in light WSW wind - suspect tide is helping SOG. Disturbed the bird who flew off - hopefully well rested!

Taking frequent short naps to keep up with sleep - helpful being 15-20 miles offshore and having AIS.

8:30pm LT / 0130 GMT 20 miles due S of Manzanillo and the light is fading rapidly. The sun, a big red globe, sank into the grey cloud layer on the horizon a short while ago.

A sure sign of no wind is when the needle spins around, not knowing where to settle. The flapping headsails had been furled in and, shortly afterwards, I noticed that 'our' bird, a collared dove, had returned to its perch on the pulpit., clearly intending to stay the night.

Just before it got too dark, I went forward to the mast to check some lines - and saw we had more company - a group of small dolphins came by and played around the bow - "Goodnight!"

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