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Bad news tonight - boat position on plotter is lost

Having finally managed to start on my Pacific crossing from Mexico after several hiccups - failed seawater pump on the engine and a failed water-maker among them - it was great to enjoy a fast if very bumpy/rolly sail today, as we passed Isla Socorro three days out, while contending with a boatload of roosting boobies determined to stay put, and then headed on SW towards the distant Equator.

I was happily settling down to relax, thinking of getting some sleep, when there was a sudden beeping from the instruments - the GPS input had just gone down ….  Our position on the chart plotter had just disappeared and the autopilot could no longer keep us tracking towards my next waypoint.

Fortunately, the autopilot can still keep us on a fixed heading and my Hydrovane wind steering can cope well steering to the wind, when in use - but the ‘easy life’ is over and I’ll have to keep a careful eye on our position - I could well resort to plotting pencil points on a paper chart quite soon!

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Written by : Jeanne Socrates