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Day 4 of Pacific crossing - sailing well despite no genoa available

Sunday 7th May 2023

I've been pleased to see how well we're sailing, despite the big genoa being out of action until we get to anchor off Clarion Island where I'm hoping to deal with the broken genoa sheet that occurred so suddenly and noisily late last night - just before dawn.

I've now managed to get GPS input to the plotter down below at the chart table - a simple matter of firing up the cockpit plotter, just as I was hoping, since they are connected. Good to find that problem was so easily resolved although I still have no idea why the original loss of GPS info happened in the plotter down below. A new job to add to the boat job list, to be dealt with who knows where.....

We still have one determined booby roosting on board - I thought we'd lost them all but this one clearly enjoys being on board Nereida too much - so my cleaning up of the mess they've all left is still on hold.

I just chatted over VHF to Anne (& Ken) on Naida who were, in turn, chatting to Shane on 'Chloe' - also on his way, with his boat cat, to the Marquesas, as we are. I'm in contact with Naida on SSB each morning at 9am LT (1400Z) on 8297 - anyone wishing to join us is welcome!

I'm expecting to arrive in the protected south bay on Isla Clarion around first light tomorrow morning - I'm looking forward to that - I never expected to visit that island!

Beautiful sailing in bright sun just now in 15kt N wind, making 5.6 kt on a course of 280T.

Position at 3pm local time (2100UTC) is: 18 08.4' N, 113 30.4' W; distance to Clarion: 70 n.ml.

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Written by : Jeanne Socrates