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Day 1 - through Race Passage at speed...

What a great sail through Race Passage - at over 7 knots in maximum ebb!

With almost no wind everywhere else, giving very little boat speed, it was great to have the wind get up for that part of the trip through the Strait.

I'd poled out the genoa earlier in light wind , but soon after exiting the Passage on a beam reach, it was taken down - only to have the wind die again - now astern from starboard with our change of course.

It had been a lovely send off - even the sun came out to join friends who came to wish me well, both on the dock, at Ogden Pt and in the boats towing and keeping me company as I started off- thank you to all of you!

As I write this at 1.30pm, we're approaching Sooke Basin with aother 45 mls to go to the exit from the Strait. Making 4.5 kt in 10kt of N-NNE wind, that's going to take until around midnight although, hopefully, the wind might increase as we get further on and we'll change course soon slightly to bring the wind further forward.

Written by : Jeanne Socrates