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Midnight - We finally get wind... and rough seas...!

Much lighter wind earlier, with some drifting about, but slowly increased, with some heavy rain, as got near exit from Strait ... as expected.... and became S F5-6. A good well now - in Pacific, off Cape Flattery. Rough!

Date/Time: 2016/10/20 08:35 GMT

Latitude: 48-28.28N

Longitude: 124-49.64W

Speed: 7.7

Course: 275T

Comment: wind up in rain - fast exit from Strait of Juan de Fuca pas Cae Flattery

Wind_Dir: E

Wind_Speed: 23

Clouds: 100%

Baro: 1015

Trend: -2

Air_Temp: 14.0C

Sea_Temp: 8.0C

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