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Day 2 Thurs 20 Oct 2016

Strong conditions overnight - managed to get 2 reefs in eventually but not before shooting out of Strait entrance under full canvas at 8-9+ kt! Following winds to over 30 kt kept life rather too interesting... Found only options were heading NW along Vancouver Island or heading S-SSE off Washington - opted for lattter although had hopd to get well off coast by now - 100ml or so was my plan - not happened... Presently only 16 mls WNW of Cape Alava, having made little progress over the day - frustrating!

Slept after 4am in 3 sessions until 8am and was then busy clearing up from being thrown around all night and morning. Tried to make up sleep but we kept rounding up and backing genoa in sloppy left-over seas and had to gybe around each time to get out of 'irons'.

Sunset saw us drifting around, in almost no wind, close to a brightly lit weather/tide buoy - haven't hit it yet! Group of fulmars(?) rested in sea nearby.

Still drifting now - wind too light in 4-6ft seas to maintain a course successfully. Genoa furled in. Weather looking bad for next few days - either calms or stormy - wind mostly from S or SW- ugh! Hope to get some good sleep overnight to be ready for bad times a-coming...

Written by : Jeanne Socrates