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Day3 Fri 21 Oct 2016

Thurs 11pm - wind finally got up to 10kt from SSE-SE so we're sailing SW at 5 kt ... I'm off into 'sleep/watch mode' ...

Fri 7am Back down below after long session furling in genoa & reefing main - two reefs. Wind ~22kt, seas up ... but we're making a good course and speed at last. Just getting light - I'm off to my bunk for some more sleep!

7.40am Just got call to my Iridium phone - tracking hadn't been enabled on the Redport Aurora item replaced just before I left but now it should be there - refreshed every 60 minutes! Having to wait for my sleep..

5pm Spent a lot more time sorting out Aurora today - several phone calls needed - but at least voice is working now, as are several other options. A good back up to my faithful HF radio.

Wind has been variable but consistently from S quadrant - presently from WSW, enaabling us to head offshore more, giving more freedom of choice of course to steer safely.

Still needing more sleep - getting naps whenever possible, in between dealing with boat and Iridium problems.

7pm Light winds again and being forced SSE rather than SSW...

Feeling much better after catching up on sleep. Now for some food!

Many thanks to all those kind people who have taken time to send their best wishes - very much appreciated but too many to reply to individually - please accept this "Thank you!"

Written by : Jeanne Socrates