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Day 8 Wed 26th Oct 2016 - Go West, young woman!!

11:30am Had good sleep overnight in between sched calls at 1000Z and 1600Z from USCG RCC Alameda, with Bill, KI4MMZ, on as well. Last one included Seattle RCC since I'm in their waters. Seems we're managing fine in keeping just ahead/out of stronger conditions by sailing W. Mostly 25-30kt wind from E-ESE and we're actually having a good sail although seas are building slowly.

I'll keep on this course until the wind changes as the Low moves N - the aim is to end up on the W side of the Low where conditions are less strong... Pressure is still dropping - now down to 992, so clearly Low is getting closer - we might well pass through its low-wind cenrre...

I'm getting msgs about my position reporting and tracking... If any problem with the website links on my 'Home' and 'Travels' pages, go to www.winlink.org with callsign "kc2iov" or to www.shiptrak.org with same callsign for my manual posn reports. The GPS Redport Aurora tracker info should be showing up on my 'Travels' page link - but is being checked out as I write.

Time for brunch - I've missed breakfast!

5.30pm Redport Aurora tracking now good - see 'Travels' page on website.. And a photo added into Day 6 blog!

Waiting for USCG call.

Pressure dropped 2 hrs ago but is now up again - 993.4. Wind down to 16kt from S. We're making ~4.5 kt NW - not in a hurry!

Once Low has gone N, I can change direction and head back to Victoria where I'll have stays'l repaired on Monday and new drogue should arrive on Tuesday. As soon as that's in place, I'll be looking for a weather window to start out again...

7pm Wind and seas have suddenly increased again, coming more from SW - last few hours for us of the second 'blow' I've mostly managed to avoid by headig W. Seas expected to be nasty to SE of my position, and they're heading N, so need to keep on heading NW - N rather than make any Easting for a while. ... whatever close-hauled course we can manage in the 25-30kt we're getting just now.

Looks as though an enormous system is heading across the Pacific in a few days' time - likely to delay my re-start for several days.

Underway again

Written by : Jeanne Socrates