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Glassy morning sea, increasingly bumpy ride overnight

Thursday - Glassy calm sea early on and for most of the day, with a slight breeze starting up in the afternoon and slowly increasing so that by night-time we were driving into bumpy seas and a bit of a headwind.

A couple of dolphins came close midday, one jumping high out of the water and landing with a big splash from a belly-flop. I hoped they might stay to ride our bow wave or play around for a bit - but they continued on their way. I did find another dried-up squid on deck - that makes three for this journey - presumably from our good, but well-heeled, sail a day or so ago wetting the decks..

After a lot of sleep overnight and well into this morning, I was feeling bit better so got some boat jobs done. In clearing up some papers, I noticed one talked about AIS settings on the plotter. Reading it more carefully, I was able to get the plotters showing AIS info on their screen - something that had annoyingly gone missing a while back but has turned into an easy fix! I'm delighted - it's so easy to get a ship's info from it's AIS icon on the plotter screen, if needs be.

I also transferred some fuel into the main tank and must transfer some more tomorrow to make sure the main tank doesn't run out before reaching Cabo. We've lots more fuel in jerry cans available for that. And I finally dealt with some increasingly smelly potatoes - they grow some lovely potatoes in Mexico but they are very moist and go bad quickly in the heat, especially in plastic bags, even though with mesh on one side - they need to be kept very well aired and not in plastic. At least that also motivated me to cook a meal tonight - a potato and onion omelette - similar to a Spanish 'tortilla'.

ETA Cabo is definitely Sunday - morning, I hope. I also hope this headwind doesn't get much stronger so as to slow us down much more.

Present position tonight is due W of Banderas Bay - about 25 n.ml. W of Cabo Corrientes, headed NW to Cabo San Lucas, 225 n.ml.away.

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