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Land ahoy!

Wind died overnight Friday and into Saturday.... and again over Saturday into Sunday but came up again irregularly during the day from then for remainder of our voyage

0730Z / 10pm Saturday Marquesas time - wind dropped right down before sunset so we were making 4.5-5kt, which was fine, but then it dropped further, so eventually, overnight, motor was started to ensure arrival would be Sunday in daylight....

By early morning Sunday, motor was off with better wind - by mid-morning, we were sailing beautifully once more, at ~5.5kt with poled-out genoa.,

I was constantly checking the horizon for signs of land - waiting to shout "Land ahoy!!" to all onboard (!)

As we got close to Nuku Hiva, several rain squalls came by and the wind suddenly went up to over 22kt so I frantically furled in the genoa!

As we came even closer to the island, the wind started whistling. Just as I was about to enter Anoha Bay, we were headed by yet another strong squall that forced us back out to sea.

Eventually, the wind calmed down and I finally anchored in 40ft/12m, near to a beach with a drinking water tap I'd been told about. Cruisers near me dinghied over to congratulate me on my successful passage - we knew each other from La Cruz in Mexico - that was a lovely welcome to the Marquesas!

What a dramatic setting we're in! Towering volcanic heights above the anchorage and more spectacular sharp peaks in view further away.

It's a major public holiday this weekend, so Tuesday I'll make for the south of the island to clear in - all offices are closed over the long weekend.

Tomorrow, I shall enjoy swimming off the boat - and I'll see how much growth Nereida has accumulated over our passage from Mexico...

08 49'S 140 04'W

Written by : Jeanne Socrates