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Nearing landfall in Nuku Hiva ...

Friday 26th May 2023 Wonderful Tradewind sailing continues but in lighter wind and in lessening seas...

After a couple of fast, boisterous days, the wind died a bit and backed overnight, the seas lying down somewhat with them, so we're now sailing along at around 4,5-5 kt in ESE wind of about 10kt, with the genoa poled out once more - lovely, gentle sailing under a blue sky.

I'm finishing up the last of the fresh, crispy celery before having my main meal of the day - a very tasty leftover from last night of beef patty and onions with (almost!) freshly-under--cooked cauliflower and broccoli... Amazes me that the veg has stayed perfectly edible considering how badly my fridge has been behaving since just before leaving Mexico.

I'm hoping to top up my fresh water supply on making landfall, since the water-maker has also been out of action since Mexico - pity!

It's a major holiday weekend in French Polynesia (Whit Sunday weekend?) so clearing in will have to wait until Tuesday. That's good news since it means I'll enjoy a totally relaxed arrival - I'm looking forward to plenty of swimming in clear water in a pleasant, quiet, little bay somewhere, while I wait.

THe French navy are touring the area, it seems, but I've not personally been called on yet. I heard them calling a nearby boat last night on VHF16 and another boat a day ahead told me they were visited by a Navy helicopter yesterday.

At 2200Z (12:50pm Marquesas time), we're at 07 36S 136 10W which is 240 n.ml. from the waypoint near to my planned landfall. So our present speed of around 5.5 kt, if maintained, will mean arriving on Sunday around 9am local time, which sounds fine... If the wind picks up and I make better speed, I'll heave to well offshore for a time.

Written by : Jeanne Socrates