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Seas not lying down

Wednesday 21st June 2017 -summer solstice

1.30 a.m.

Fog still around. Still a very bumpy ride, bashing straight into seas.... Wind has been light, ~7kt, but the seas have not lain down yet !

Just rounded PuntaAbreojos- nasty rocks there, so kept well off, avoiding fish floats & nets also - can't see those in the dark! 46ml DTG to Asuncion.

Friend there said 20kt wind in the bay most afternoons - getting fuel Tuesday would have been impossible with big surf crashing onto shore all day long with SW wind. Pangas were hauled well up the beach and not getting out.. We'll see how that works out later this morning - hope we don't have a big delay due to surf still up.

Written by : Jeanne Socrates