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Big surf & thick fog make Asuncion a 'no-no'...

Wednesday 21st June - summer solstice! 

After a 'vigorous' (!) overnight passage from San Juanico, bashing into wind and seas in foggy conditions, arrived Bahia Asuncion ~9.30am today - in thick fog, to find big surf crashing onshore... Got uncomfortably close to the surf and made a quick right turn...! Couldn't see where to head for the anchorage and shore contact was of no help, so was forced to head back out to sea.
Very disappointing -I'd been really looking forward to reasonably-priced diesel, a meal, fresh provisions, phone coverage, Internet..... and maybe a nice hot shower in a calm anchorage. None of that now.. That surf will take a time to die down...
Presently continuing on to Bahia Tortugas (Turtle Bay) to get fuel (at an exorbitant price I'd hoped to avoid ) - ETA around sunset so it will become an overnight stop since the fuel panga won't deliver diesel until the morning - but at least there's no surf problem in the protected, easy-access anchorage there.
Other boats we know are there already so we'll meet up - might end up with a mini-fleet of six to nine boats, all heading north...
Weather is looking good and calm until Friday night when headwinds are forecast to become strong. By then we'll be just a day from Ensenada but might have to pause in San Quintin or Isla San Martin to let winds die down - which could take another two days or so..... (If we could keep on going now without any stops, we'd arrive in Ensenada early Saturday morning)
Looks as though the sae-fog will come down again later.
Feeling very frustrated just now - and too much motoring and virtually no sailing doesn't help...
Time to sit on deck with a mug of tea and remind ourselves how lucky we are to be able to enjoy the sun shining on Pico Hermoso as we pass by....... ?

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