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Wednesday 21st June 2017 - in Bahia Tortugas overnight

Anchored in Turtle Bay overnight to get fuel early tomorrow - could do without the twelve hours lost since weather is not looking good from Friday night onward so it could cause a problem with getting to Ensenada in good time. It will be a two and a half day to three day passage direct from here... Hopefully, the pangero bringing fuel in the morning will turn up on time- at 7 o'clock, as promised. He's charging over twice the cost of fuel at the local Pemex station that he gets it from -making over 100% profitr - not bad! Annoyingly, I don't really need more than a little spare since the fuel in my tank now will probably get us to Ensenada - but it's best to have some extra as a safety measure..

Written by : Jeanne Socrates