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Thursday 22nd June 2017 - on passage to Ensenada

Turtle Bay fuel arrived late (possibly due to time zone change we were unaware of!) but all three boats were finally able to get underway soon after 8.30am.

Murky sky... Damp and grey...

Light S wind for most of day, veering to WNW in early evening.

Delighted to see wind instrument was back working... No idea why but happy to see it! Also calibrated the log in slack high water soon after Isla Cedros was left behind - so finally getting accurate true wind and current info.

Calm sea surface but big swell which disappeared after passing nicely through Canal de Dewey at low water slack. Headed up in lee of East side of Isla Cedros on a flood tide which boosted speed a lot. Even managed some motor-sailing with full headsails until wind veered around dusk.

Cedros has high, dramatic, barren mountains. Vivid piles of white salt caught my eye from quite a distance in the small SE harbour area near quite a large village - clearly fishing is not the only source of livelihood there, as I'd thought.

Had long chats with other boats over radio - both VHF and SSB. 6516 is working well both morning and evening for keeping in touch, with 4519 working well in the morning also .

A total motoring day, as expected, but made better for seeing and hearing several sea-lions and frequent seabirds. Several rafts of seabirds on the water took off as we approached.

Weather is looking good until Friday evening when forecast is still showing increased headwind overnight and into Saturday and Sunday. Might have to stop in S anchorage off San Martin.

Written by : Jeanne Socrates