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hazy sun, humid air, 32C. overnight..

Hazy all morning, land not visible - sun peeking through - but only just. Wonder if things will wind up later to another heavy rainstorm, as happened overnight in Acapulco?

Spotted a fishing panga zipping by astern,mid-morning.

Closing on Zihuatanejo now - only 15 miles to the Bay entrance now (11.30am LT)


First thing coming into view through the haze was the high dark mound of the Morro de Petatlan, followed later by the several high white rocky islets 1 1/2 mls off its seaward end - Las Rocas Potosi. The S. headland of Zihuatanejo Bay did not appear for quite a time, it was so hazy.... The Bahia de Petatlan is wide open to the prevailing SW swell, as well as any wind from NW to SE, whereas the Bay of Zihuatanejo is well-protected and has plenty of room for cruisers wanting to enjoy this deservedly-popular, friendly town.

I suddenly realised that the last time I was here was over nine years ago and yet the place seems so familiar. I twice stayed here at anchor for quite a time - enjoying their annual Guitar Fest both times and so helping to raise money for the local schools.

The sea-breeze seemed to be picking up - if only I could head twenty degrees more off the wind, we could be sailing - but that course would take us directly into shore... The story of this short passage.

My course should take me well clear of Roca Negra - an isolated large black rocky islet one mile off the S. headland of the Bay entrance - now, in daylight, very clear. According to the chart, marked with a lit beacon at night - amazing! .But that shows how well-used this Bay is. Think I'll handsteer around it - radar is showing it well off the charted position and closer to our planned path...

1840 GMT: There's a BIG bird sitting at the masthead - my apparent wind suddenly went to zero ... a frigate, no doubt... GO away!!

It didn't - curses!! No wind info - and it could well have damaged the transducer/anemometer.


2000 GMT/3pm LT Went for a slow tour around the bay and finally anchored in 7.4 m depth after dropping the mains'l. Not much wind - don't know exactly how much...! Time to relax and celebrate a little... An 'officially' completed circumnavigation - started from here in March 2007, finished June 2016...!! I'll move over to Xtapa at some point for fuel and check the weather before moving on north after clearing out from Mexico with the Port Captain here.

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