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That red ball is sinking fast into the grey haze on the horizon....

8pm LT / 0100 GMT On passage again....

Well, the hoped-for sea-breeze didn't appear today - I was hoping it would reinforce the light SSW wind found as I left Acapulco Bay today so that we'd have a pleasant sail W and then WNW.. but not so.

So we've been under the 'iron sail' since leaving early this afternoon, trying to be sure of making Zihuatanejo in daylight tomorrow.

There's a good 2m swell running from the SSW - but being spaced every 6-8 seconds, it's no problem, even though it's on our beam.

Dolphins appeared briefly earlier, jumping out of the water, leaping high into the air. Of course, having dived below to find my camera, they'd disappeared when I got back on deck.

I'm going to pause writing this now, to make a meal while there's still some daylight left - I'm hungry, not having eaten much today!

9:45 pm LT / 0245 GMT An onion omelette with fried diced potatoes went down very well!

There's a group of bright red lights onshore, near to the white lights of a village - seems very much like a big fire. Certainly unexpected and most odd, since this coast is very under-populated. Maybe they're burning off palm fronds to clear the ground? They grow a lot of bananas and coconuts here, so that's possible. Let's hope, if so, that it's under control...

I left later than intended, having spent quite a time on the Internet today but I should still arrive at Zihuatanejo during daylight tomorrow so long as I keep up a reasonable speed. Pity the wind is doggedly dead on the nose...!

A bright planet has been overhead for several days now (just above Sagittarius, I think) - Saturn or Jupiter? Looks too yellow to be Mars... and Venus would be white and lower. (Just been told it's Mars...)

Occasional bright splashes of light below the sea surface keep catching my eye - something moving down there, for sure.... Squid (likely)... fish (maybe)... dolphin (probably not - wrong size)...??

Hasta luego - time to check in to the Pacific Seafarers' Net...!

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