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Rig problems on board 'Nereida' - Saturday evening 27th October 2018

Saturday evening 27th Oct

Went to check on staysail foot this evening. Had noticed a while ago that the shackle had come undone that holds foot of sail on to Furlex drum.

Found a few more problems ....

Split pin holding clevis pin in place below Furlex drum - not secured & trying its best to come out. Saw to problem using flat screwdriver and pliers.

Plastic locking block holding Furlex drum in place is loose so drum is free to rotate... a problem that needs to be fixed before staysail can be used.

Shackle holding down foot of staysail is undone, so sail will come loose - a big problem. Need to unfurl staysail, release halyard tension and reconnect shackle so foot of sail is held in place firmly.

Shackle pin on Furlex drum at foot of genoa caught my eye - sticking out. Pin is already half out of shackle - a wonder it hasn't come out completely already. I've made a temporary fix using mousing wire to try to stop pin from coming out completely - but need to lower halyard to relieve halyard tension so pin can be re-tightened properly and then moused with wire to prevent a recurrence . If pin comes away, genoa foot would then be loose so sail would rise up with halyard tension - another big problem, just like the staysail one

Written by : Jeanne Socrates